The world is watching. Are you prepared?

Let's face it: the world is a complicated place. And with all of the factors that impact your bottom line, businesses today need to have a solid plan in place to effectively tackle external relations.
Global is rooted in the concept that all factors of the external relations environment should work in harmony - government and regulatory relations, grassroots and community outreach, investor relations, conventional and social media - all of these should communicate the same compelling message.
We are here to help you reach your goals by connecting with the right people, at the right time. Are you ready?
Global offers a different spin on how you view all of your external relations functions.
  1. Because Time is of the Essence.
    If your project requires permitting and public processes, you are likely aware that permitting timeframes and lawsuits are two of the leading factors contributing to costs and Investment Rate of Return (IRR) in projects. Can your budget withstand drawn out permitting processes and lengthy lawsuits? At Global we bring years of experience in strategically approaching permits so you can shave months, if not years, off the timeframes. Progress, faster. That's the Global difference.
  2. Locally Connected. Globally Minded.
    Government is in our DNA. Contracting with Global provides your business with access to key policymakers and their staff. Our years of experience and bi-partisan reach give our clients an edge with elected officials and regulators. We are here to help you monitor and influence local, county, state and federal actions.
  3. Plotting a Winning Strategy.
    Too frequently business owners find themselves on the cusp of expansion or new opportunity but for the inability to appropriately message their offering and make the necessary connections to move forward. Global offers a unique mix of external relations services such as stakeholder identification and mapping, public opinion research and optics, as well as fatal flaw and risk analytics. Find out how Global can customize a strategic consulting package to help you navigate and turn road blocks into building blocks.
  4. We Understand the Value of Creating Value.
    Outside of sales and marketing, external relations functions are often only viewed as cost centers. Global helps clients understand and demonstrate the value created by effective external relations. We can help you both qualify and quantify your organization's external affairs programs.
Let us help you discover what it means to go Global.
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What is Global?
Global - it’s a way of thinking – a comprehensive method of looking at your world. Our mission is to help you navigate that world and make decisions by looking at all of your surroundings.