Adam Hawkins is the leading authority when it comes to merging government relations, public affairs and community outreach. With a range of first hand experience related to external relations in the fields of economic development, rural affairs, environmental and natural resources policy, Adam is your go-to guy. Adam’s expertise is trusted and sought by global firms seeking effective guidance navigating complex regulatory, legislative, public policy and other challenges at all levels of government.
About Adam
Of Success
  • Managing stakeholder outreach and identification, as well as a strategic communication plans for large, medium and small businesses.
  • Defeating numerous anti-industry bills.
  • Leading legislative initiatives involving multiple layers of government.
  • Influencing policy and rule-making changes with USFS, BLM, ACoE, and USFWS.
  • Drafting crisis communication plans.
  • Conforming state and federal procedural requirements to clients’ needs.
  • Coordinating grassroots support for public comment actions.
  • Conforming clients' investor and media relations plans to align with permitting milestones.
  • Working with regulators on planning and zoning, emergency services, wastewater treatment, annexation, economic development, and public/private partnerships.
  • Leading community outreach efforts tied to large-scale NEPA actions.
Adam is one of the leading practitioners on social license to operate – the support needed from the community to develop and sustain large-scale projects. He lectures frequently on the subject and has helped clients across the globe develop successful community engagement plans.
Adam’s knowledge has proved invaluable for clients seeking to more effectively position their projects with the public. He understands the importance of working with the community, identifying key stakeholders and forging partnerships, including with critical non-government organizations.
A fixture in the public affairs, communications, and lobbying community for over a decade, Adam's insight is sought after and trusted by clients across the globe. Adam started his career as a staffer in the United States Senate. Prior to launching Global, Adam worked within two leading public policy firms, assisting clients on issues that included environment; water, natural resources, taxation, HR, commerce, transportation, and public lands. Additionally, Adam spent six years with Rio Tinto, an international mining company with projects on five continents.
All of this experience has made Adam adept at working with key regulators such as the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mining Safety and Health Administration, and Army Corps of Engineers.
Adam graduated with honors from Thunderbird School of International Business with a MBA and holds a BA/ BS from Arizona State University. 
Of Success
  • Providing political and regulatory risk advice on numerous fatal flaw and risk analyses
  • Supporting small, medium and large scale mergers, acquisitions and divestments.
  • Working with reforms by EPA on CERCLA 108(b) requirements.
Of Success
  • Providing financial metrics to value external relations capabilities.
  • Developing and changing multiple land and transportation designations with the BLM.
  • Working on enabling legislation for electricity production facilities.
  • Successes with line-siting outreach activities.
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